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Markup Languages

XML Spec The Annotated XML Specification
XML.com The XML.com Site
XML.ORG XML.ORG - The XML Industry Portal
LT XML An XML toolkit
XML tools A listing of free XML tools
Lore An XML query language
XQL FAQ XQL FAQ from ibiblio.org
XQL FAQ XML FAQ from metalab
XQuery XQuery XML query language from fatdog.com
XQuery Intro An introduction to the XQuery XML query language
W3C SOAP The W3C Simple Object Access Protocol specification
SOAP::Lite SOAP::Lite library for Perl
SOAP More on SOAP from develop.com
SOAP SOAP Code from codeproject.com
SOAP More on SOAP from soapware.org
SOAP directory Directory of SOAP implementations from soapware.org
bio.xml.org Biological applications of XML
People A list of people involved in using XML in biological applications
W3C XSLT The W3C XSLT Recommendation
XSLT Introduction An introduction to XSLT and list of tutorials and resources
XSLT FAQ An excellent FAQ from Dave Pawson
XSL0List Open forum on XSL including discussion lists, help, etc.
HTML Home Page HTML Markup
CSS FAQ CSS Frequently Asked Questions - The HTML Writers Guild
WDVL Cascading Style Sheets
Writing cascading style sheets
Web review tutorial What Can You Do With Style Sheets?
CSS vs. JSSS Understanding the issues - NetscapeWorld - July 1997
Style master tutorial Everything you ever wanted to know about style
LaTeX Commands A concise description of all LaTeX commands